What To Do When You Lose Your Motorcycle Key

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Keys are tiny, and that makes them very easy to lose sometimes. It’s easy to think you’re careful with your keys, only to realize that you have no idea where you put them down. Or maybe they fell off a carabiner or keychain by accident, or they slipped out of your hand and down a sewer drain. Whatever the cause, people all across the country are constantly losing their keys.

If you’ve lost your motorcycle key, you have a few options moving forward. Motorcycle key replacement is actually a relatively painless process.

1. Check for spare keys

Make sure you really don’t have any spare keys lying around. Maybe the previous owner of the motorcycle has a spare key on them. Perhaps you even gave one to a friend. The only scenario where you don’t need to call a DC locksmith is when you have a spare key, so make sure you don’t have any other options.

2. Use the ignition cylinder code

If you have no spare key, the next easiest step is to get the ignition cylinder code and give it to a DC locksmith. It should be located somewhere on the shaft of the ignition cylinder and consist of three to four numbers.

If you give this code to a DC locksmith technician, they will be able to cut a new key based on what the code tells them. It’s an easy way to replace your motorcycle key.

3. Use the VIN

Your ignition cylinder code may not be legible anymore, or maybe you can’t find it. If that’s the case, you have another code you can give. Like any vehicle, your motorcycle has a VIN, or vehicle identification number. And a professional DC locksmith service can search a database of VINs.

The VIN should be located on the steering neck and will be much longer than the ignition cylinder code. It will allow the DC locksmith to identify your vehicle and get plenty of manufacturing information, including the key’s cut.

4. Decode the cylinder

Maybe you have trouble getting the ignition cylinder code and the VIN. That’s okay because a trained DC locksmith can still figure out what your ignition code is. You can detach and bring the cylinder to a locksmith or have a locksmith come over and decode the lock in person.

Locksmiths have decoder tools to measure the tumblers inside the ignition cylinder and determine what the cut that goes with it must be. This works even when you don’t have the key on you. Rest assured, they’re prepared to deal with lost key situations for any lock, including motorcycle ignitions.

5. Replace the cylinder

If all else fails, you can also get a DC locksmith to just replace your motorcycle cylinder altogether and give you a new set of keys. The locksmith will know what keys go with this new cylinder and may be able to cut you some spares so you don’t lose it again.

If you believe your keys have fallen into the wrong hands, then a cylinder replacement or cylinder rekey is a good idea. It may be harder to pull off, but it’ll help prevent motorcycle theft.

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