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To make sure your security is protecting you, you need professional lock installation from an expert locksmith.

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There are many reasons you might want a lock installed. It’s a fantastic opportunity to upgrade your security or replace a lock that isn’t working. And getting a lock installation done by a professional Washington DC locksmith is a great way to make your home feel secure.

At Key Man Locksmith, we can install your locks for you. Lock installation is a complex process, and a trained professional Washington DC locksmith service will be able to help you out there. Our technicians are great at lock installations, no matter what lock you need installed.

We can install locks in a snap, so call today. We know locks, and we’ll understand how to do the job efficiently.

Lock Installation Options

You have a few different choices when installing a lock in your home. Your first choice is whether you want the same lock installed or an upgrade.

Getting the same lock installed is a good choice when your lock installation in Washington DC is a form of lock repair. It also makes it easier on the locksmith, as they won’t have to make any adjustments to your door. This type of upgrade leaves the time taken alongside total labor cost lower, as well.

But you might also be getting a Washington DC lock installation to upgrade your security. You can do this in small and big ways. You can get a lock with a higher ANSI grade than your last one, meaning it won’t break as easily. You can also get one with some degree of pick resistance or other features.

You may want to upgrade to a smart lock, so you can unlock the front door with your smartphone, and you’re less likely to get locked out.

You can also get any variety of electronic locks. Keypads and fingerprint scanners can help unlock doors without a key. These are popular commercial installations, and help prevent business lockouts. They’re also often found on business safes.

Lock Installation Process

When installing a new lock, a Washington DC locksmith will first dismantle the old one. Locks can be dismantled after inserting the correct key and taking each piece off at a time. If the original key isn’t available, there are tools to get around this. Once the first lock is removed from the door, a new lock can be installed.

If the new lock differs from the old one, the locksmith will have to drill new holes in the door. Drilling is done through complex measurements and math to determine exactly where things need to be adjusted. Don’t worry, because a Washington DC locksmith is an expert in their craft and will know how to do this properly.

After drilling, the locksmith can install the new lock. This process is much like dismantling the first lock but in reverse. The lock installation process may require an expert eye and hand, but it’s also pretty simple. Just be sure you use a quality Washington DC lock installation service.

Why Get A Lock Installation?

But do you need a professional Washington DC lock installation? Why get one done in the first place?

As stated before, a lock installation in Washington DC is a fantastic opportunity to upgrade your security. You can get something harder to break into or even something more convenient to use.

It’s common to upgrade to smart locks, which make your house locks as convenient as your car locks and trunk locks with their remote key fobs. Of course, the downside is that both smart lock and car lock repair are complicated, but many people feel it’s worth it.

If you’ve just moved to a new place, you likely only need a lock rekey, but you can also install an entirely new lock if you want. This kind of lock change can help give a place a fresh feel and maybe even help it feel familiar.

You also give new life to a lock by replacing it. Now that you have a shiny new one, it will take much longer to get worn out. And maybe your old lock was failing. It was moving slowly, keys broke off inside the lock, or it stopped locking altogether.


Who can put a new lock on a door?

A Washington DC locksmith can perform a lock installation for you. This is a better option, especially if you are installing high-security locks.

Do locksmiths install smart locks?

Our locksmiths in Washington DC are well-versed in installing these locks. They’ll have to adjust your door, making the labor cost and time higher than a non-smart lock, but they can do the job.

Should I change locks after buying a house?

You don’t need to change locks altogether. You just need to get your house rekeyed. Rekeying is when you make a lock work with a new set of keys. You can even rekey cars. But yes, getting a lock rekeyed after a house purchase is vital.

What is the most secure type of lock?

No lock is completely secure, and many of the most secure locks are impractical. You can get a fingerprint reader for a commercial building or a grade 1 ANSI pick-proof lock for your front door. You’ll find some of the most secure locks on safes.

What is the difference between a deadlock and a deadbolt?

A deadbolt is a bolt at the top of your lock that keeps the door from moving. A deadlock is a type of lock that can enter deadlock mode, meaning it can only open with a key, even from the inside.

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