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Commercial Locksmith Service

Key Man Locksmith offers commercial security solutions in Washington DC, and provides a wide range of commercial locksmith services for industrial, office, small business, retail, and large corporate settings. Whatever your business security needs are, Key Man Locksmith is here to assist you.

Our commercial locksmiths are highly trained professionals working on high-traffic locks, panic bars, emergency exit door devices, and fire escape devices. We install and repair hydraulic and concealed doors closer to gates and front building doors, electric strike replacements, and repairs.

If you need a Washington DC Locksmith to help you with your door, locks, safes, or any other security devices, give Key Man a call. The safety and well-being of your business, employees, and customers are our top priority. You won’t find a commercial locksmith in Washington DC that cares as much as us.

Business Lockout Service

Companies can experience severe losses from downtime. Just as internet and phone issues create a loss of productivity and even the loss of sales for virtual businesses, a business lockout can also be highly destructive to your company. If your employees showed up to work, they need access to their workspace.

Depending on the structure of the company, you might have multiple employees who have keys, and these individuals can be contacted to get everyone back inside. But if there is an issue with access to keys or the lock is broken, blocked, or otherwise problematic, you should call a commercial locksmith in Washington DC.

You will likely be able to find some locksmith tips to let you know how to open your locked door yourself, but without the right tools and training, you might be wasting time (which is money). Consider that trying to do this work yourself can also damage locks, which might make the ultimate solution more expensive.

Call a Washington DC commercial locksmith who can get to the location fast, and solve the problem entirely. The entire solution entails getting you back inside the business as well as fixing the underlying issue. But fixing the full issue might require more locksmith services beyond the lockout service.

Specialty Lockout Services For Business

Even when you are not locked out of your commercial property, it is still possible that you do not have access to everything in the space. A business safe lockout, for example, does not completely stall a business, but it does present rather unideal circumstances.

Without being able to open your safe, you might be prevented from making the end-of-the-week deposit. You would also have to leave petty cash or sensitive items exposed instead of having a secure place to reliably store and retrieve them. Even if this is not a safe, you should have a way to restrict access to products, cash, documents, etc.

For example, you could use a locking filing cabinet or desk drawer. Countless companies have cabinets and drawers which have broken some time ago. Get them working again. Use a business locksmith in Washington DC to help unlock file cabinets.

Rather than get the cabinet back open, they simply ignore whatever is stored inside. (Often forgetting if what was inside is actually important). But this Washington DC commercial locksmith wants to help you regain complete access to your business.

Business Lock Installation Services

When you are moving into a new building, or more generally looking to upgrade your security, it is a good idea to use a commercial lock installation service. A properly installed lock is a lock that will last longer, experience less sticking, and generally be more reliable.

The good advice to hire a Washington DC commercial locksmith for lock installation is doubly true when it comes to electronic lock services. Electronic locks can have issues with motors that are not strong enough to retract or extend when the bolt is misaligned with the door.

Save Money On Business Lock Changes

We also want to make sure that everything is locking properly. And that the only people with access are the ones who have earned that trust. So our Washington DC office locksmith is here for you to change locks and change who has access.

But do you need to change locks every time you lay off an employee or change access protocols? No. You also should not rely on collecting old keys as your only way of making sure access has been revoked successfully. The middle ground is to rekey business locks.

Rekeying business locks is something best left to a professional Washington DC commercial locksmith. Although it is cheaper than changing locks, it is more complicated and requires certain tools that are not readily available or understood by the public.

Rekeying can get more complicated if your building uses a master key system, and at this point, it will be imperative to call a locksmith for either rekeying or lock changes. Besides the locks on doors, a locksmith can also provide commercial mailbox change services.

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