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Make sure our home is secure with professional window lock repair services from the best locksmith in Washington DC.

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Locksmith Window Lock Repair Service

Your window security is vital. Even if all your doors use the best technology you can find for their locks, all that security is useless if you have an open window. If something goes wrong with your window lock, you should have it repaired as soon as possible.

Our DC technicians at Key Man Locksmith can repair your window locks with their professional locksmithing tools and expert lock knowledge. Our locksmith services include any window lock you can imagine, so call us today.

Window locks tend to differ from front door locks, so the tools and skills needed to repair them are contrasted with other types of lock repair. Nevertheless, our DC professionals know how to take care of whatever window lock problem you’re having.

Types Of Window Locks For Your DC Home

There are many different types of window locks that can potentially need repair.

Many windows have locks that open with keys, like a front door. These are generally less complicated than front door locks, however. You’re not going to find an electronic lock or a smart lock on a window, for example. Fortunately, they’re less easy to access than the front door, so this lower security is usually okay.

Some windows have latch locks, which open and close through a simple latch mechanism. These aren’t very secure, but they’re easy to operate, making them a good choice if you have trouble operating windows.

Folding latch locks are common on chests, trunks, and windows. These are often seen on double-hung windows with two openable panels. Washington DC window lock repair often comes about to wear from use, or seasonal changes to wood that cause the tolerances of the bolt to catch.

Lag screw locks are opened and closed with the turning of a screw that tightens to lock the window. For this type of device, window lock repair in Washington DC most likely results from a break that keeps the screw from tightening or loosening (meaning you can turn and turn without results).

Sliding locks are attached to a track on the window and also lock everything up by tightening. For sliding window lock repair in Washington DC, you might find that the track is blocked, and initial stages of getting the device back to working order has to do with lubrication.

If you like having chain locks on your door, you can also get them for your window. Window pin locks are a great way to keep your window closed. These devices rarely require window lock repair because they are not very mechanically complex in nature. 

As a whole, there are many different types of window locks, and the industry develops new ones constantly. For window lock repair in Washington DC that can fix them all, look no further than The Key Man Locksmith.

The Process For Repairing Your DC Window Locks

The methods our locksmiths will use to repair your window locks depend on both the manner of the problem and what type of window locks you have.

Our DC locksmiths first determine which type of window lock they’re working with and the best path forward in repairing it. The locksmith will also figure out the exact problem, which may be obvious or subtle.

Maybe something like a pin or key has broken off in the lock, or perhaps the outside has gotten rusty. It could be that something in the lock has gotten damaged or it’s clogged with debris. Whatever the problem, the locksmith should be able to figure it out.

The locksmith may only need to clean the lock, but they’ll likely have to remove it and replace it with a new one. You can get your lock replaced with the same type of lock, or you can choose a new window lock to install.

The locksmith will be able to unfasten, unscrew, or drill out whatever lock is currently there and [install a new lock] with their locksmith tools. Overall, it’s a simple process.

How To Prevent The Need To Repair Your DC Window Locks

You probably don’t want to deal with faulty window locks again, so what do you do? How do you stop this from happening?

Make sure you regularly maintain your locks. For keyed locks, add dry lock lubricant regularly to ensure they don’t get clogged, and the mechanisms move smoothly.

Clean up any water that gets on your window locks to prevent them from rusting shut. Rust can mess up a lock pretty badly if it gets out of control.

Always handle your locks gently. The locking and unlocking motion should never be too rough, and you should be able to operate it smoothly. Follow these steps, and your window locks will last a long time. But if neglect has been long-standing, you will need the best window lock repair service in Washington DC.


Can locksmiths fix window locks?

Locksmiths can work on window locks just as expertly as door locks. Call us if you’re having trouble with your window locks.

How do you open a locked uPVC window with a broken mechanism?

Call one of our DC locksmiths if you’ve been locked out of your uPVC window. They can repair your window lock for you.

Can a locksmith fix a uPVC door?

Locksmiths work with locks, not door materials, so no matter what your door is composed of, a locksmith can work on the locking mechanism. They may not be able to fix the door itself, however.

Do locksmiths fix key safes?

Locksmiths can open safes for you if necessary. If you’ve gotten locked out of your business safe or personal safe, you should call a locksmith.

What are the safest window locks?

The most secure window locks use pin tumblers, requiring a key from the inside before being opened.

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