Commercial Lock Installation

When it comes to commercial lock installation, you need to use the best locksmith to make sure your company is protected.

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Commercial Lock Installation Service

When will I know it’s time for commercial lock installation? 

Simple signs can tell you when commercial lock installation should be a priority. The obvious situation is when you’re opening a new building, and all the locks need to be properly installed and inspected for security standards. But the Key Man in Washington DC can make improvements to existing locks too.

Does commercial lock installation improve security?

Commercial lock installation can drastically improve security. A lot of buildings, warehouses, and other commercial facilities have low-security locks that are responsible for protecting valuable items. And it’s not because the people in charge are incompetent or purposely putting their business at risk. They just don’t know which locks are appropriate.

What type of lock is best for commercial lock installation?

Every situation is a little different. Without knowing what locks are currently on your building, Key Man professionals will recommend ANSI grade 1 locks. These locks are premiere pieces of hardware and offer maximum security in a commercial setting. Other options are available that also provide good protection.

How long does commercial lock installation take? 

Installation times vary based on the size of the job. Some warehouses have several corridors with access points ranging from office doors to garage spaces to loading docks. Each entryway leading outside is a point of emphasis when it comes to security. Because of those reasons, commercial lock installation doesn’t have a set time for completion.

However, small businesses with a storefront are probably looking at 20 to 30 minutes of work by one of Key Man’s seasoned locksmiths. Not every commercial lock installation takes place on big properties. Our team is committed to helping local businesses within the Washington DC community for affordable prices!

What buildings are harder for commercial lock installation?

The Key Man can perform commercial lock installation in Washington DC. There’s no building we can’t service because our locksmiths have seen everything. We understand the important differences between lock types and security features that fit your needs. Commercial lock installation requires careful planning, and the Key Man offers quality assurance.

Components Of Commercial Lock Installation

The Key Man offers Washington DC commercial lock installation as part of our premium catalog of locksmith services. Each job is different and manifests itself once one of our technicians analyzes the situation.

Commercial lock installation in Washington DC sometimes transitions into us having to rekey business locks. Security improvements aren’t an exact science, adjustments need to be made, on a case-by-case basis.

If we think the existing lock mechanisms are deficient in any way, we recommend getting them replaced on the spot. The Key Man will go over every possible lock type to suit your needs.

Our locksmiths will never recommend a brand or material that doesn’t meet your facility’s security standards. Our job is to give you professional advice. Then it’s up to you to make a decision.

The benefit of having all this knowledge is that we can communicate what’s best for our clients. Commercial lock installation in Washington DC becomes a smooth process after that! Electronic lock services are another possible option for your building.

By blending the best aspects of modern technology and advanced hardware, electronic locks provide great security coverage. Office spaces have additional commercial lock installation potential with our commercial mailbox change service.

Companies must protect their mail to ensure vital business correspondence isn’t lost or stolen. The Key Man will have your office covered, whether it’s commercial lock installation in Washington DC, mailbox security, or unlocking file cabinets.

Protect Your Business

Damaged locks present a serious problem for businesses and commercial facilities. Having the wrong locks will also create potential gaps in security because, on the surface, everything looks fine. But in reality, you don’t have the right hardware, and your business needs commercial lock installation to bolster protection. 

Burglary is one of the biggest threats to a business. If you notice loose door handles or crooked locks, commercial lock installation becomes an important next step. You can’t compromise the security of your business when the Key Man in Washington DC is only minutes away!

There’s no excuse for faulty locks, and we’d be happy to perform any of our exceptional locksmith services. Business owners are responsible for securing their commercial property at all costs. You owe it to both your employees and customers.

They should feel safe every time they step foot on company grounds. Employers also need to have trust in their security system and receive expert feedback on commercial lock installation.

The Key Man has the security expertise to help you with all your Washington DC commercial lock installation needs. We can accurately diagnose what your building is missing in terms of hardware and make adjustments right away. Call today for a free quote and schedule an appointment!

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