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Car Key Duplication Service

We’ve all misplaced our car keys at one time or another. Sometimes, we even misplace them permanently. Having a few extras here and there is a handy thing. And fortunately, getting car key duplication in Washington DC is easy.

You don’t even need the original key to get a car key duplication from Key Man Locksmith. We’re experts in our line of work and have the skills necessary to perform this locksmith service for you with whatever you have. We’re auto locksmith professionals and can make as many duplicate keys as you need, so call us today.

Creating a duplicate key is easy for an experienced locksmith. It’s also better for a professional to do it, as an amateur might not know how to code the transponder or potential key fob. Give us a call now, and let us give you car key duplication in Washington DC.

Before DC Car Key Duplication

The circumstances of your car key duplication depend on what’s available to the locksmith.

If the original key is available, all the locksmith needs is the key and a key blank.

If you don’t have your key, the locksmith can use a decoder lock pick on the lock to acquire a code. These picks can measure the wafers inside and how deep they go before giving the locksmith the correct numbers.

And if for whatever reason, the locksmith can’t access the lock, you can give them the car’s VIN. The vehicle identification number includes a production code, which the locksmith can look up and get a key code. This process is something that only locksmiths are authorized to do, so don’t worry about any malicious person accessing your key code.

The DC Car Key Duplication Process

Once everything above is sorted out, they only need to cut a series of new keys for your car.

There are multiple car key cutters, some electronic and others manual. Manual key cutters take longer to operate, but they’re just as functional, sufficient, and intuitive to use as electronic ones.

Car key cutters allow the locksmith to either enter a code or set the machine to a particular number that corresponds to the number of the key. The key then gets entered into the machine and cut.

If the original key is still available, even if your key has broken, the locksmith can place it onto a key-cutting machine alongside a blank. The device can read the old key and figure out which cuts it needs to make for the new key. It’s as simple as that.

After the key is cut, the transponders must calibrate to the key. Transponder key programming differs from car model to car model, but rest assured, the locksmith knows how to program your duplicate car keys.

Car key duplication in Washington DC involves many different tools, alongside the knowledge of how to use these tools. A locksmith has both the access and experience required to duplicate your car keys.

Why DC Car Key Duplication Is Important

There are a few reasons why you’d need Washington DC car key duplication. Car keys are easy to lose, and it’s nice to have a few spares here and there. You should have at least one backup key in a safe location just in case of an emergency car lockout.

You might want to keep this location somewhere in your house, or you might want to keep it in a pocket or bag that you bring with you everywhere.

You might also have multiple people driving one car. In this case, it’s useful for each person to have their own key. That way, they can take the car whenever they need to.

As a whole, multiple car keys are something that everyone could benefit from having. Call us today, and we can duplicate as many car keys as you need.


Can car keys be duplicated?

Car key duplication isn’t much harder than any other key duplication, so call a trusted local locksmith if you need a car key duplication in Washington DC.

Can I get a car key made with just the VIN?

Locksmiths have access to databases that tell them the car key code based on the VIN, allowing them to cut a new key.

Why do keys say do not duplicate?

Keys you can’t duplicate usually get designated like that for security reasons. They don’t want just anyone to access whatever they have locked.

Who can program a key fob?

A locksmith can program a key fob for you. Key fob programming differs from car model to car model, but a trained locksmith knows what to do in any situation. Call one if you need key fob programming.

What do you do when you lose the only key to your car?

A locksmith can cut you a new car key even if you don’t have the original key. If you fully lost your key and didn’t lock your keys in the trunk or something, then you should also rekey your ignition and car door locks. So whoever takes your old key won’t have access to your car. In that case, you’ll also need a car key replacement.

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