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Car Key Replacement Service

There are many reasons you’d need a car key replacement in DC. Your car key is crucial, so you should replace it as soon as possible if anything goes wrong, or else you could get locked out of your car.

At Key Man Locksmith, we have the proper tools and locksmith skills to replace your car key. We can give you something completely new at affordable rates. No matter why you need a car key replacement in Washington DC, we can help you out.

We know both how to cut new keys and duplicate your old keys. Even if you don’t have the original key, we can decode your lock and cut a new key regardless. We’re lock experts and can perform any locksmith service you need during your Washington DC car key replacement.

Wafer Car Keys

Your car uses wafers for manually locking and unlocking your car or trunk lock. These wafers are similar to front door locks, although there are differences. Wafer locks are a type of lock that uses a series of rectangular wafers to keep the lock from being opened without the correct key.

The wafers sit in the lock cylinder and rest on the bottom, preventing the lock from turning. Each must lift to different heights to unblock the cylinder and allow it to rotate. The wafers have a hole through the middle where the key fits in. When someone inserts the correct key, the teeth lift the wafers to the right height, and the lock can turn.

These are simple mechanical locks. A locksmith can easily use a key decoder to determine the correct bitting and cut the right key for your DC car key replacement. If your car key has broken off in the lock, we can extract it before decoding. Rest assured, our locksmiths can help you.

Car Key Fobs

Your car key fobs can get replaced as well. The fobs are the remotes on your keys that lock and unlock your car from a distance without you ever having to use a physical key, a lot like a smart lock. You’ll need key fob reprogramming to ensure your new key still works with your vehicle. Fortunately, this process isn’t too difficult.

A key fob is an electronic lock that uses encrypted data to unlock your car door rather than physical mechanisms. This data travels via infrared, Bluetooth, or near-field communication, so it’s entirely digital.

Each vehicle has its own fob programming technique. Our locksmiths know how to do the job well and program your key fobs accurately. If you need a key fob replacement alongside any other type of car key replacement in Washington DC, you can count on us to help you and get you a new key fob.

Transponder Keys

When you insert your car into the ignition cylinder, how does it know that you inserted the right key? Your car actually does this in two ways.

First, the ignition key works like any other key, with wafers that must come to the right height to allow the lock to turn. But there’s a second mechanism the car uses – the transponder key.

Inside your key is a transponder that sends a digital signal to your car to tell it that it’s the correct key. So even if you were to make a key with all of the same cuts as your old key, it still wouldn’t work. You’ll need transponder key programming to allow your car to start.

Our locksmiths know how to program transponder keys for you. When giving you a replacement key, we can allow it to work for your vehicle before we leave. If you need a car key replacement in Washington DC, know that locksmith professionals can do the job.


Can you replace a car key if you lost it?

If you misplaced your car key, you can call a locksmith to decode your lock, cut a new key, and program it to work with your car. Call us for car key replacement in DC.

Can a locksmith rekey a car door lock?

Car door locks aren’t that different from residential or commercial door locks. A locksmith can deal with them without too much difficulty. Our locksmiths can rekey locks well, so if you need your car door rekeyed, give us a call.

What if you lose your car keys and don’t have a spare?

A locksmith can cut a new car key for you even without a spare. Rest assured, the situation isn’t completely hopeless.

What do you do if you lose your key fob?

If you lost your key fob, it’s vital to have a new key fob programmed for your car. Otherwise, someone could unlock your car if they find your key fob.

Can you program a new key fob yourself?

Programming a key fob is tricky, and the exact technique differs from car to car. You can try to do it yourself, or you can call a locksmith to do it for you.

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