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Car Key Cutting Service

If you need your car key replaced or want a spare car key, you need a locksmith service to cut a new set of keys for you. The cut determines which locks the key will work on, so it’s crucial to get it right.

At Key Man Locksmith, we are the best option for Washington DC car key cutting. Even if you’ve lost the original key, we can still get you a new one. We’re experts at many locksmith services and have affordable rates, so call us today.

Keys must get cut correctly to work properly. A key can’t interact with a lock correctly if it’s not cut correctly. That’s why you need to trust a professional for car key cutting in Washington DC – to ensure everything goes well and your car key functions afterward.

Car Key Decoding

Before cutting a new car key, the locksmith must first decode the original key. They can do this with or without the presence of the original key. There are a few different ways to decipher a car key for your Washington DC car key cutting, depending on what’s available to the locksmith.

The first is using the key itself. If the original key is available, the locksmith can use decoder tools to measure the depth of each cut. These measurements will correspond to numbers that will tell the locksmith how they’re supposed to cut the new key.

A locksmith can do this even if a key is broken if all parts of the key are still available. If the key isn’t present, the locksmith can decode the lock. Lock decoders are a type of lock pick that measures the inside of the lock to give you the cut numbers.

If the locksmith can’t access the key or the original lock, you can give the locksmith the VIN. The VIN, or vehicle identification number, has the production code in it. The locksmith can look up this code and find out information about the cut.

After that, they can give you a professional Washington DC car key cutting.

The DC Car Key Cutting Process

Your locksmith won’t have to pull out a file and try to carve cuts into your new key or take metal to the forge and pour it into a mold that corresponds to your lock – there’s an easier way these days.

Locksmiths use key-cutting machines to get you new keys. These machines range in complexity, with some of them being entirely mechanical while others have digital features.

Key-cutting machines operate with the locksmith entering the code that the key must be cut and inserting the new key into it. The cutter files the metal, cutting it to the right degree. If the machine is mechanical, the locksmith must manually set the right code every time, but the general principle is the same.

As a whole, car key cutting in Washington DC isn’t too difficult, but you need the right tools alongside the knowledge of how to use these tools.

How Car Keys Work

But why do you need this specific code during your Washington DC car key cutting? After all, many modern cars don’t even use physical keys, so why does it matter?

Indeed, ignitions don’t use entirely physical systems anymore, favoring electronic lock systems. Your key likely has a car transponder chip that alerts the vehicle that you entered the correct key, allowing the ignition switch to activate.

Transponder systems work wirelessly, much like smart locks. But for extra security, you also have a physical keyed system. Inside your ignition cylinder, as well as your car door locks and trunk locks, are wafers that prevent the cylinder from turning.

The wafers in your ignition cylinder must get pushed to certain heights before the cylinder can turn. The teeth, or bitting, on the key, move the wafers to the correct locations, allowing the ignition to activate.


How do I get an extra car key made?

If you need car key cutting in Washington DC, call Key Man Locksmith. We can cut a new one for you whether or not you have the original key.

Can I get a key cut without a key?

Yes! Locksmiths can decode the lock to know what kind of key would work with it. If you need a car key, the locksmith can also use the VIN to find the key code.

Can I start my car without a chip key?

No. You’ll need the transponder chip in your key or key fob for the vehicle to let the engine start. Otherwise, the immobilizer will prevent the car from starting up.

Can a locksmith make a key from a lock?

Yes – locksmiths have tools (called decoders) that allow them to figure out what kind of key would be compatible with your house lock, business lock, or car lock.

How do I find my key code?

Your vehicle’s key code should be either somewhere in the documentation, on the key itself, in the glove compartment, or on the lock itself.

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