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Key Man Locksmith's house lockout service can open your doors and get you back inside your locked home.

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House Lockout Service

We’ve all been there – you hear the door shut behind you and realize you don’t have your key on you. Or maybe your lock just stopped working, and you need a lock repair before you can get back in. Fortunately, a trained locksmith can solve this problem for you.

Whatever your house lockout situation, one of our technicians can help. You don’t need to worry when faced with this unfortunate situation anymore, as we’ll know what to do.

You may be tempted to solve your house lockout situation yourself using some craftiness and bravery, but this is unnecessary. You could break something in your house or your body. Don’t attempt to get back in by yourself – call one of our locksmiths.

What To Do During A House Lockout

If you’ve found yourself locked out of your house, it’s important not to panic. You have options that you can weigh based on your specific situation and how much time you have.

Think about any spare keys, either on the premises or in the hands of someone you know. Did you give a key to a neighbor?

Is anything currently unlocked, like a window or side door? And, most importantly, can you enter them safely? If not, don’t worry about it. You don’t need to climb up to the second story and squeeze your way through a window when other options exist.

You can also try breaking a door in an emergency. You should really only do this if you absolutely can’t call a locksmith, as this is almost never necessary.

Your best bet is to call a locksmith to unlock your door. This is the safest and easiest way to get back in.

How House Lockouts Are Solved

If you’re stuck in a house lockout situation, our technicians can get that solved for you expertly. The process of unlocking a house is quite simple.

First, you give us a call and get a locksmith to come to your house. The locksmith will then determine the type of lock you have and what the exact problem is. The locksmith can pick the lock open in the case of forgotten keys.

In the case of a damaged lock, the locksmith may have to drill the lock open. After the drilling, you’ll need a lock replacement.

You’re unlikely to need destructive entry, however. In all likelihood, the locksmith will be able to get you back into your house with no problem. We also offer key duplication and lock rekeying if either is necessary for your lockout situation.

After unlocking your door, the locksmith will be done with the job and leave. As you can see, locksmith services are much more straightforward than trying to solve your lockout for yourself.

How To Prevent House Lockouts

After your lockout gets solved, you probably don’t want to go through that again. To understand how to prevent them, you need to know how house lockouts are happening in the first place.

If you forgot your key, you could keep a spare key with you in a hidden place. You don’t necessarily need to find a good hiding spot on your property – you can have a spare key in your vehicle or bag if you often leave the house with one of these.

You can also get a keypad lock installed, so you won’t need a key anymore, even if these are more common for business lock installations. With these, you’ll only get locked out if you don’t remember your passcode. Other high-security electronic locks also work keyless and are helpful if you often accidentally lock yourself out.

Another way to prevent house lockouts is by trusting a key with a neighbor, so you’ll always have someone to come to if you get locked out again.

Overall, think of what got you locked out in the first place and how to specifically combat that.


What do I do if I’m locked out of my house?

If you get locked out of your house, call a locksmith. A locksmith can pick your lock and get you back in with no problems.

How do you avoid locking yourself out of your house?

Get into the habit of always having your keys on you. Find a good hiding place for a spare key, or leave a key with a neighbor. Get a new key cut if you have to.

How many people lock themselves out of the house?

There are over 16,000 home and car lockouts daily in the United States. Most of these are car lockouts, but house lockouts are still pretty common.

Can I change my locks myself?

If you try to change your locks, you might install a lock wrong and cause damage or get locked out. Worse, your door may not lock at all. It’s better to call a professional to do this.

Is it better to rekey or change locks?

Rekeying business locks is the better option when something has happened to your key. Changing locks is better when something has happened to the door itself.

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