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Locksmith Ignition Cylinder Replacement

What causes an ignition cylinder to break?

Ignition cylinders wear down with standard use. Ignitions wear out faster if the cylinder is over-torqued (turning the key too far and forcefully). But a car’s ignition cylinder is only tested to withstand a certain amount of cycles before components like wafers and cams wear down.

How long does ignition cylinder replacement take?

Ignition cylinder replacement can take between 20 to 30 minutes, depending on how tricky it is to expose the cylinder. Some cars require almost all of the dashboard panels to be meticulously removed before you have enough access to the cylinder to remove it.

The other concern with ignition cylinder replacement is that it is rarely the only service you need. Whether you need transponder key programming or your car door locks rekeyed to work with the same key, the car may take a bit more servicing before it is back to its full level of convenience and functionality.

Can I swap out my ignition cylinder myself?

Yes, but there are several reasons why it is best to call a DC locksmith rather than handle ignition cylinder replacement yourself. When you take your dashboard covers off and on, you can potentially disturb wires that lights and even airbags.

You might also end up spending more money on replacement parts when the problem was actually a simpler fix. Knowing exactly what is going wrong is instrumental to saving time and money on your ignition cylinder replacement.

Should I replace or repair my car ignition?

An experienced car locksmith in Washington can determine if you need full ignition cylinder replacement or repair will suffice. They might also determine your problem is not with the cylinder. And perhaps your car keys are worn. Diagnosis is key to understanding what service you need.

Do locksmiths provide car ignition cylinder replacement?

A locksmith is going to be your best option for car ignition cylinder replacement because they come to you. And if your ignition is causing you issues, chances are your car is not moving without a tow truck. 

As a Washington DC emergency locksmith service, a technician can even respond instantly, ready to perform your ignition cylinder replacement. (Provided they have the correct replacement parts on-hand.)

Changing Damaged Ignition Cylinders

The most common reason for ignition cylinder replacement is damage. How extensive the damage is may mean that ignition cylinder repair will not be viable. Essentially, if enough parts are broken, it will make more sense to replace your ignition cylinder rather than spend more fixing it.

One type of damage you might see is keyway damage, such as springs and wafers that have deformed. The tailpiece at the back of the cylinder might also snap or become misshapen, so it does not communicate with the rest of the ignition assembly when the key is rotated.

But one of the great benefits of a locksmith for ignition cylinder replacement in Washington DC is you can use The Key Man Locksmith. That means knowing whether or not your ignition is, in fact, damaged. In some cases, it might just be clogged and need a bit of lubrication (not oil-based lube).

Post Ignition Cylinder Replacement Considerations

After your ignition cylinder replacement, there is likely still work to be done. If you hold off on these additional services, you may be decreasing your overall level of convenience and even risk getting locked out or damaging your vehicle.

If you opt for the help of a professional Washington DC locksmith for your ignition cylinder replacement, consider investing in further services that will allow your vehicle to have full functionality and offer maximum convenience.

1. Ignition Rekeying

Most people do not want two keys for their car. So if you invest in ignition cylinder replacement in Washington DC, go the extra distance and make sure your ignition is keyed the same as your door locks.

If your lock’s wafers or sliders still work, you might be able to swap them with those in your new cylinder. But be careful. If you make a mistake, you will have no working key. The risk of improper handling of this task is why it is ideal to use an ignition rekey service rather than do the work yourself.

2. Changing Door Locks

If your reason for ignition cylinder replacement has to do with security (such as an unauthorized party having keys to the vehicle), you may want to change your door locks to match your new ignition. This is the inverse ignition rekeying and requires significantly more labor.

For those that need car door lock repair, swapping out the door lock cylinder the key interacts with is unlikely to solve your problem. Car lock trouble almost always has to do with the lock assembly and not the lock cylinder itself. In this case, changing door locks would purely be for the sake of convenience.

3. Key Services

If your new ignition cylinder comes with too few keys, you will need a spare. Usually, you will get two keys with a fresh ignition cylinder, but it may be advantageous to duplicate car keys. You can get this done at most hardware stores, unless the key has an electronic protocol.

For vehicles that use immobilizer systems, you’ll need transponder key programming before any key is able to start the vehicle. In these cases it is best to use a Washington DC locksmith who is experienced with electronic car keys.

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