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If your key has broken or won't come out of the lock or ignition, call for car key extraction.

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Car Key Extraction Locksmith

Does removing a car key harm the ignition?

Attempting car key extraction yourself can harm the ignition. But if the problem leading to the car key extraction lies entirely with the key, a local professional locksmith can perform the service without the need for any damage.

How do I get my car key out of my ignition myself?

Some vehicles retain keys when the steering wheel locks. Shake your steering wheel as you jiggle the key. If that doesn’t work, or the key has snapped in two, you can try to pry it out. Just be aware that you may need an emergency locksmith service, and your attempts can make their job more difficult.

What do you need to remove a broken car key from a lock?

If there is any part of the broken key protruding from the lock, you can pull it with tweezers. If this pushes the key in deeper, you can purchase a small hacksaw blade and slip it in beside the key (pulling them both out with a single motion). Or you can solve the problem most simply and call a locksmith.

Why is my car key stuck in the ignition?

The problem could simply be that your steering wheel has locked. Jiggle the key and the wheel, and everything should turn. If the steering wheel can already turn, the key sticking might have resulted from damage your ignition has already sustained. You will need car key extraction and ignition cylinder replacement to solve this issue.

How long does car key extraction take?

The average time for a professional car key extraction is ten to fifteen minutes. However, most of the time, the car key extraction itself will take seconds. In some cases, car key extraction can be trickier and require more time and effort, but this is rare.

The additional time is required to deliver potentially necessary services such as car key replacement (if the key broke) or fixing the lock that had been retaining the key. A locksmith can make a new key without a spare, but decoding the lock or cutting from code can take a while longer.

Why do car keys break?

Most car keys break as a result of improper turning. Meaning the key is repeatedly or harshly turned while not being fully inserted. This torques the metal, creating stress fractures that lead to inevitable breaks. If your key is worn, this might result in excessive turning to have it work, so be aware that duplicating car keys with these issues will duplicate the issue.

Perks Of Car Key Extraction Service

If you want everything taken care of with one simple call, a locksmith is going to be your best option for car key extraction. Why? Because a locksmith offers more than just the initial car key extraction. For example, the most common reason for car key extraction is a key breaking in two.

If your physical key has snapped, then you will need some form of car key cutting. If you have a car that uses a transceiver system, your new car key will also require transponder key programming. These additional services are no trouble at all to get from a locksmith.

A locksmith can even make a new car key without a spare to copy. This is not the case for hardware stores and self-service key machines. But if you call a locksmith to help you with your broken car key extraction, you can end up driving away from the problem with a new set of keys.

There is no other option for car key extraction that will come to your location with all the tools needed to remove the key, fix the problem, and make new keys. In terms of convenience, there is going to be no other service that comes close. And with competitive pricing, you are unlikely to pay less than you would with other options like a tow to the dealership.

Solve The Underlying Key Or Lock Problem

As soon as you turn to a locksmith for car key extraction, you immediately take out all the guesswork and risk surrounding the stuck key. You are going to reduce your chances of damaging the ignition cylinder and will have no issue replacing whatever caused the issue.

What caused the need for car key extraction? Diagnosis is one of the most helpful parts of contacting a professional locksmith. If the key broke, why did it break? If the key is being retained, what about the ignition is causing the key to stick? The Key Man Locksmith can get you the answers you need.

There is no replacement for experience. As a quality car locksmith, we will have answers as well as solutions. For example, if your ignition is giving you trouble rekeying or replacing the wafers or springs might be a cheaper alternative to a full ignition replacement.

Without an expert to walk you through your options, you might end up spending more time and money on services and parts you did not need. Get a pair of trained eyes to help you evaluate your car key extraction needs by fixing the problem that caused the problem.

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