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Our lock rekey service offers a cheaper alternative to changing locks. Call the Key Man Locksmith in Washington DC for service!

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Lock Rekey Service

When something goes wrong with locks, most people’s minds immediately jump to getting a lock replacement. But there’s an easier way – a Washington DC lock rekey service.

Rekeying locks is when the pins inside a lock get reconfigured to work with a different key. There’s no need to take the whole locking system out and replace it with something new when you only need to get a new key.

At Key Man Locksmith, we have the trained technicians to expertly rekey your locks. We have the proper lock understanding to do the job in a snap with no problems. Give us a call today for professional rekeying.

Lock rekeying in Washington DC is a crucial part of keeping your home secure. If your keys have fallen into the wrong hands, get lock rekeying done as soon as possible. Breathe easier knowing that whoever has that key doesn’t have access to your home.

How To Know If You Need A Lock Rekey

Generally, you’ll need a rekey if your keys have fallen into the hands of the wrong person.

If you’ve just moved into a new house, a rekey is a great idea, as you don’t know who may or may not still have keys. If you own a building and new tenants are coming in, you might also want to rekey those locks.

If you’ve misplaced your keys and haven’t found them again, someone may have picked them up. And if you lost the key somewhere immediately outside your house, the stranger will likely know what the key unlocks.

You might also want a rekey if you want to have a master lock system. These systems use one key to open multiple locks. They’re great for business rekeys and commercial lock installations, but they’re convenient for homes too.

If you’re locked out from a malfunctioning lock, whether it’s a house lock, business lock, car lock, or window lock, you need a lock change or lock repair instead.

How Lock Rekeying Works

Rekeying is possible because of the way keys interact with locks. When a key gets inserted, the teeth, or bitting, lift different length pins inside the lock. If each part of the bitting on the key is the correct height, the top of the lock’s pins should line up. This lining up allows the lock to turn and the door to open.

To rekey a lock, you put in pins corresponding to the new key’s bitting. First, the locksmith must unlock the door with the original key. If the original key isn’t available, the locksmith will still be able to open the lock through the use of other tools.

Afterward, the locksmith will remove several parts from the lock to fully access the lock cylinder. The cylinder is where the key is inserted and is what contains all of the pins.

The pins get removed one by one, and the new pins get inserted in the correct order. After that, the lock gets reassembled. Don’t forget to have your new key duplicated.

Master Key Lock Rekeying

When getting a lock rekeyed in Washington DC, you have the option to have a master key system installed. This means that you only need one key to open multiple doors, making unlocking parts of your home easy and convenient.

The upside to this kind of Washington DC lock rekeying services is that you won’t need to keep track of many keys. If your home has many lockable doors and you often lose keys, getting your locks master keyed is a good idea. If you share a home with multiple people that will need their own set of keys, this also makes that arrangement easier.

The downside is that master keyed locks are generally less secure. If you lose one key, someone now has access to every locked door in your home. If you think it’s likely that someone malicious could get a hold of your key, master keys aren’t a great idea.

Overall, the choice is up to you.


Is it cheaper to rekey a lock or replace it?

In general, it’s cheaper to get a lock rekeyed in Washington DC than to replace the whole thing.

Do you need the original key to rekey a lock?

It’s easier to rekey a lock with the original key available. But a trained locksmith can still rekey it without access to the original key.

Should you change the locks when you move into a new house?

You don’t need to change the locks altogether – all you need to do is have them rekeyed.

What to do if you lose a key?

If you lost a key, hire a locksmith to make duplicates. Doing this is possible, even without the original key. If you lost a key somewhere in a public place, get your lock rekeyed so no stranger can access your home.

What does it mean to rekey a lock?

Rekeying a lock means allowing it to work with a new set of keys instead of the old ones.

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