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You can unlock file cabinets with professional locksmith services from The Key Man in Washington DC.

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Unlock File Cabinet Services

Are all file cabinet locks the same?

No. Although many file cabinets look similar, there are two main types. Your traditional file cabinets are equipped with cam locks. These locks feature a cam, tailpiece, or latch of a file cabinet that locks on the opposite side of the keyway. The cam catches on the interior lip of the cabinet to prevent the drawer from opening.

The second type of file cabinet lock is an electronic lock. This blends modern technology with traditional file cabinet lock hardware for increased security. More offices and businesses have chosen electronic locks in recent years. It really comes down to personal preference and what you want in your office space.

Can file cabinet locks be replaced?

Sometimes, in order to unlock file cabinets in Washington DC, lock replacement is required. The Key Man performs file cabinet lock replacement often because their locking mechanisms are very connected. If one lock is broken, misaligned, or damaged, there’s a chance the whole file cabinet will need new locks.

How does a file cabinet lock work?

The majority of file cabinet locks have one keyed cylinder that controls a lock assembly. When the lock is opened, the corresponding lock assembly opens all the other drawers. Cabinets drawers with locks, work by a cam or latch on the back of the cylinder. The cam rotates into a locked or unlocked position depending on how the keyway is turned. 

What’s the security level of file cabinet locks?

File cabinet locks don’t provide maximum protection like other types of locks. In general, file cabinet locks are simple, which means they have security flaws. Anybody with a working knowledge of locks can break into file cabinets with a little finesse and a few tools. The Key Man will show you how to unlock file cabinets in Washington DC, and increase their security!

Many residential and commercial locks are constructed out of steel alloys and other robust metals, making them more secure than file cabinet locks. They’re also harder to cut through and tamper with based on metallic composition. The Key Man in Washington can bridge the security gap by potentially adding electronic locks services to the existing file cabinets.

Protecting File Cabinets

File cabinets are crucial to the success of your business because they help keep things organized. Countless sheets of paper must be stored and filed, whether it’s personal employee records, bills, taxes, invoices, and everything else in the archives. Having a functional file cabinet lock properly securing these items is essential.

The Key Man can enhance the security of your file cabinets by using industry-leading materials and techniques. Our professional team of locksmiths will boost protection for your office, and provide critical assistance when you need it most. Emergency situations happen all the time, and the Key Man is able to unlock file cabinets in Washington DC in a pinch!

Unlocking file cabinets may not seem like a necessary service, but we see people struggle with it frequently. We field calls on a regular basis to unlock file cabinets in Washington DC because important files are trapped inside and require immediate attention. This is when you should Contact Key Man for services to unlock file cabinets.

Drilling File Cabinet Locks 

Once a locksmith has established you need a Washington DC file cabinet unlocking service, a strategy is put in place. Drilling file cabinet locks is a common measure the Key Man uses to open file cabinets without a key in Washington DC. And it will also open broken file cabinet locks. This is a very effective method and one that saves business owners time and money.

Unlocking a file cabinet by drilling the lock is better in the hands of a professional locksmith. The process requires power tools and a distinct skill set to perform properly. To drill a file cabinet lock open, you will need a power drill and several bits, progressing in width. The drill bit’s width should be roughly the size of the lock core.

Then, the locksmith will ground out the internals of the lock and reach through the lock housing mechanism with a tool to manipulate the lock assembly, thus unlocking the file cabinet. The Key Man has done this process so many times that we have it down to a science. We try to make unlocking file cabinets in Washington DC an efficient procedure so you can get back to business!

However, unlocking the file cabinet in Washington DC can sometimes only be the beginning of getting the lock back in working order. Commercial lock installation is the next and final step. The main problem has been solved, a locksmith was able to unlock the file cabinets, but now it needs new locks. The Key Man can help your business with this too!

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