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Our business safe lockout service can get your safe open in no time so you can get back to business.

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Business Safe Lockout Services

Who can unlock a business safe?

The best person to deal with a business safe lockout in Washington DC is typically going to be a commercial locksmith. When it comes to professional skills, equipment, and the necessary intangibles, the Key Man delivers everything you need during a business safe lockout. We pride ourselves on efficiency and excellent customer service for businesses and residents.

How long does it take a locksmith to open a business safe?

Service times vary amongst the Key Man’s Washington DC locksmith services because each job is different. Lower-grade security safes can be opened faster than more advanced business safes. On average, the Key Man can solve your business safe lockout in about 20 to 30 minutes. Fast and efficient business safe lockout services are part of our DNA!

Will you be able to use your safe again after a lockout?

Potential clients are always asking us if the contents inside their safe will be destroyed during a business safe lockout. The answer is, no! The Key Man treats your business safe lockout in Washington DC with care and thoughtfulness. We use special techniques that cause the least possible damage to your property.

How do you determine the cost of business safe lockout services in Washington DC? 

The Key Man in Washington DC won’t begin work without you knowing the price beforehand. Some jobs require extra tasks that take more time, which can raise the price. Customer approval is needed prior to any raise in price and that’s something our locksmiths are very careful about.

Addressing Business Safe Lockouts

Business safe lockouts are stressful and packed with anxiety because you have important items you can’t access, even though those items are inches away. It’s a very frustrating feeling to be so close to something and not have the means to obtain it. Key Man Locksmith in Washington can provide some assistance during these dire situations.

Accountability and trust are important characteristics to have during a business safe lockout in Washington DC. The Key Man’s staff embodies these traits, and we put them to work! By arriving quickly and assessing the situation, our locksmiths begin fixing the issue right away to solve your business safe lockout.

Business Safe Lockout Solutions 

When you contact the Key Man for a business safe lockout in Washington DC, your expectations should be pretty high. And we want to exceed those expectations because we hold ourselves to high standards. 

Washington DC business safe lockouts can be tricky to handle, but when you hire Key Man Locksmith, we deploy the best practices, including additional business lockout services.

Every business safe lockout in Washington DC brings different challenges. Sometimes it takes our locksmiths longer to complete the job because we have to try multiple methods to get past the locking mechanism. Generally, there are three main ways to solve a business safe lockout through drilling, lock picking, or bypassing.

1. Drilling

Safe drilling has been around for many years and is used by both professional locksmiths and criminals. In no way does Key Man Locksmith condone illegal lock drilling without permission, but it does provide some context for its effectiveness.

Our professional staff can perform safe drilling in a safe manner for Washington DC business safe lockouts. Most business safe lockouts in Washington DC require precise craftsmanship, which is a prerequisite for safe drilling. In terms of causing damage, it’s almost inevitable.

You’re going to damage the safe in some type of way, but a trained locksmith can prevent severe damage. Ideally, only a portion of the safe will take the brunt of the impact, leaving the rest fully intact. A drilled safe can be patched and used again with proper treatment.

Safe repair is another reason why hiring Key Man Locksmith for a business safe lockout in Washington DC is essential. You need a professional that knows how to find exact, variable drill points for every safe model Those are the qualities Key Man Locksmith offers during a business safe lockout in Washington DC.

2. Lock Picking

Certain safes with an override key can be picked open during a Washington DC business safe lockout. Key Man Locksmith utilizes the art of lock picking by tapping into our extensive skill set. Knowing which type of safe is equipped with pins, wafers, disks, or levers will tell us which tools to use for lock picking.

3. Bypassing 

Bypasses are specific to certain types of safes and include override codes, probing unused bolt holes, or magnetically moving bolt work. Deploying bypass methods during your business safe lockout in Washington DC depends on the circumstances. There are very few business safes that can be bypassed because they usually only work on low-security safe models. 

Hiring Key Man Locksmith 

Business safe lockouts in Washington DC don’t all fit into one category. There are several obstacles that could be standing in the way, but the only foolproof solution is to call Key Man Locksmith. We take business safe lockouts in Washington DC very seriously because we understand the burden they can put on a company.

Key Man is here to improve your security at every level. Our locksmiths specialize in more than just business safe lockouts in Washington DC. We also offer great deals on commercial lock installation and have the ability to rekey business locks whenever you’re ready for an upgrade. We’re humbled to be contributing members of the local business community and always will be!

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