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Locksmith Lock Change Service

Like all things, locks eventually get worn out and fail. A Washington DC lock change is an inevitable part of owning a lock and something you’ll need eventually. On top of that, technology changes, and your lock may not be the safest lock on the market. Overall, there are many reasons to hire a professional lock changing service.

Lock changes are very common but something hard to do yourself. If you need a lock change in Washington DC, you’re better off contacting Key Man Locksmith. Our professional locksmiths can change your locks with the expertise and precision you need.

We bring the same level of professionalism to all of our services, so why wait? If you need a lock change, call us today. We can replace your locks with whatever you need using our tools and experience.

How To Know If You Need A Lock Change

First, you may only want a Washington DC lock change to enhance your security. You can replace your lock with any other type, like an electronic lock, or get a new mortise lock or one with a higher grade. Or maybe your lock has already been broken, and you need a new one.

Outside of that, you might suspect you need a lock replacement soon. Be on the lookout for the many signs that your lock may break in the future.

Specifically, try to pay attention to your lock’s overall performance. How is the key sliding in and out? Is it turning without trouble? Has it locked you out of the house for no reason?

If your lock isn’t performing as it should, that’s a solid sign that it’s starting to break down and should get replaced soon.

If someone broke into your home, they might have damaged your locks to the point of needing lock repair. At the very least, you should get your lock rekeyed.

Washington DC Lock Change Options

If you’re choosing to have a lock replaced, you have two options – get your lock replaced with the same brand and model, or upgrade to a new one. Both have their own merits.

Generally, keeping the same level of security should be cheaper, as higher security locks are pricier than others. They’re also much easier to install, as the locksmith won’t have to adjust the door or determine the best way to install the new lock, as the lock already fits the door.

The downside is that your security will be the same as before. If you experienced a break-in, you need to install other better security measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Getting a new lock is a fantastic opportunity to make your home more secure. You can go for one with minor differences, like a drill-proof lock, or you can get one that’s more pick-resistant. You can even go for one that works completely differently, like a keypad lock or smart lock.

The downside is that getting a new lock is generally more expensive and takes longer to install, making it a better option for business lock installations. Research which lock would work best for your situation.

Lock Change Process

The Washington DC lock change process differs based on circumstances but roughly follows the same few steps.

The locksmith will first determine the problem and if they need to perform a lock change in Washington DC at all. After that, they’ll figure out the brand of lock already installed alongside the brand of the new one. With this information, they can then figure out the best path forward and whether or not they need to make adjustments.

After that, they’ll remove the metal plate to access either the deadbolt or the knob. Next, the other parts, like the latches and strike plates, will be removed one at a time.

The rest of the process is essentially doing everything that was done but in reverse. The new lock gets placed where the old one was, and each part gets installed one by one until everything is where it should be. After that, the job is done.


How do I change locks?

If you need a lock changed, call a locksmith. They can get the job done expertly and efficiently.

Can you change a lock without changing the doorknob?

If you want, you can get only your deadbolt lock replaced instead of the whole doorknob. You can also have your doorknob lock replaced by the same brand, so you don’t need to change your doorknob type.

How long does it take to change locks?

Most Washington DC lock changes take around 20 minutes, but it depends on how complex the process will be.

Why should you change your locks?

Changing locks is vital if your locks are starting to or have already failed. You also might want to change locks after a security breach.

How do you make all locks use the same key?

If your locks are the same brand, you need to have them rekeyed to match the key. If they’re different brands, you should replace them to correspond to the right brand before being rekeyed.

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