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Broken Key Extraction Service

If your lock or key is old, there’s a chance it could break off inside the lock. This happens more often than you probably think. Removing the key from the cylinder might seem impossible, but don’t worry – our DC locksmiths are prepared.

Key Man Locksmith has the tools you need to perform a broken key extraction in Washington DC. We even do lock repair, so we can figure out what was wrong with your lock in the first place and even replace your lock if we have to.

So if your key breaks off in your lock, don’t worry. We can help get that key out of there and repair any damage. You’ll be out of that house lockout and back inside your home in no time, with the ability to lock and unlock your door again.

Why Keys Break Off

So what causes keys to become so worn out that they break off inside the lock?

As with all things, the keys and locks on your Washington DC home get worn down as they age. No matter what you do, time will eventually catch up with the metal. This aging is often a major factor in key breaking, but that said, it’s not necessarily the primary cause.

The material of your key and the depth of the cuts play a role in its breakability. Some keys are more susceptible to damage than others.

Sometimes, keys break off because of debris inside the lock. Debris wears out a key faster and can create more leverage, causing breakages at only mild turning force.

Maybe the lock itself isn’t moving as smoothly as it should, meaning the person locking the door must use significant force. Perhaps they then accidentally broke the key in the process.

In all likelihood, your broken key came about through several factors. Rest assured, a locksmith can look at these issues and solve them.

The Broken Key Extraction Process

The extraction process is simple if the key is partially out of the lock. Our locksmiths only need a pair of needle-nose pliers, or even just their fingers for our Washing DC broken key extraction services. Most extractions won’t be this easy, though, and that’s where key extraction tools come in.

These tools look a bit like lockpicks and are often confused as such. They have sharp points on the end that don’t manipulate pins but rather hook onto the teeth of the broken key and pull it out.

Sometimes, our Washington DC broken key extraction service might use a spiral key extractor instead. As you can imagine, these have spirals that lock onto the teeth. The keys are removed by turning the tool.

During broken key extraction, the key only needs to be exposed far enough for pliers to grab it. After that, the locksmith should have no trouble pulling the key out and finally freeing your lock.

How To Prevent The Need For Broken Key Extraction

After going through all that, you’ll likely not want to go through it again. So what are the best safety measures to prevent this from happening?

When getting a new key made, try to have it made out of a sturdier material. Ask what type of metal the locksmith uses, and never purchase a key with high aluminum content.

You might want to have your lock replaced if you think it’s part of the problem. You might even want an electronic lock or other keyless smart lock installed in your DC home, so you don’t even need a key.

Perform regular lock maintenance to ensure the keyway never gets clogged with debris. Put in lock lubricant when necessary. With just these two precautions, your chance of needing a broken key extraction service in Washington DC drops to almost zero.

You might even want your lock rekeyed to make the teeth shallower. Overall, exercise caution and remember to take care of the lock on your home, and you should be fine.


How do you get a broken key out of a door without tools?

Unless you can grab it with your fingers, you need the right tools to extract the key. Call a locksmith for Washington DC broken key extraction service.

What happens if your car key breaks?

If you broke your car key and are now locked out of your car, you need to call a locksmith to cut a new car key for you or replace your car key. They can also give you broken car key extraction if it broke off in the lock.

Can you superglue a broken key to extract it?

Doing this is risky. If you get sticky residue inside the lock, it will stay there and could cause problems down the line. It actually makes your new key more likely to break off. You’re better off just calling a DC locksmith service.

How do you open a door when the key is broken inside?

You’ll need to call a locksmith to remove the broken key from the lock. For now, you’re locked out of your business or home. If you need to get inside soon, you can break down the door with a donkey kick if it’s an emergency.

Why can’t I remove my key from the ignition?

There’s either something damaged inside your ignition or something wrong with your key. Call a car locksmith to diagnose the issue and perform an ignition cylinder replacement or ignition switch replacement if necessary.

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