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Rekey Business Locks Service

Like any business, you constantly change who has which responsibilities and whom you can trust with what. You need to lock certain things up or else risk financially devastating theft. But you also need different people to access these locked rooms. And maybe as keys got shuffled around, someone has a key you don’t want them to have.

You don’t need to replace your locks altogether. Instead, you can get them rekeyed. When you rekey business locks in Washington DC, everything will now work with a different set of keys without you needing to install a new lock. A locksmith can move around the pin tumblers and give you a new key.

If you need to rekey business locks in Washington DC, call Key Man Locksmith. We can perform this secure service for you with our lock expertise and experience as professional commercial locksmiths. Business lock rekeying is one of many locksmith services we can do for you, so call today.

How To Know If You Need To Rekey Business Locks In DC

So why do you need to rekey your locks? And why is it better than a lock replacement?

Rekeying is ideal if someone has a key to a door that you don’t want them to have. Even if you only suspect they have that key, the rekey is worth the extra security. Maybe you’ve lost one of your keys and don’t know who could have taken it.

You can also key-alike your locks or install a master key system to make one key work with multiple locks.

If you need to change what key works with a lock, rekey business locks in Washington DC. It’s the only way to lock out someone with a key to a specific lock. Commercial lock rekeys are great when you’ve just let someone go and replaced them with someone new and need a brand new key.

Entire lock installations take longer and cost more, and they’re often not necessary in these circumstances.

The Process To Rekey Business Locks In DC

To rekey business locks in Washington DC, the locksmith must access the pins inside.

Most locks are pin-tumbler locks, meaning they operate using a series of pins. These pins come in a variety of sizes. When entering the key, the pins are pushed upward to different heights, depending on the key’s teeth. These must lift to the point where they line up for the key to be able to turn.

Using the original key (or a duplicate or lockpick if the original is unavailable), the locksmith unlocks the door and removes the lock body from the plug. At this point, they can access the pins. The locksmith can take these pins out and replace them with new ones with lengths corresponding to your new key.

After this relatively straightforward process, the locksmith can put everything back together, and you can test your new key. The old key shouldn’t work at all anymore.

Master Lock Rekeying

When you rekey business locks in Washington DC, you can opt for having a master lock system installed. Master lock systems are systems where you can use one key for multiple locks, while others have keys that only open single locks in the system. These systems make access to doors and the distribution of keys significantly more convenient.

The main drawback of master key systems is that they’re easier to compromise. If a malicious person gets their hands on the master key, they now have access to multiple rooms. They are also slightly easier to pick, although picking is still difficult.

The advantage of these systems is that you don’t need many keys to access all parts of your business. You can have a hierarchy of security where some have master keys while others have regular keys.

You don’t need to have every lock master keyed. While getting your business locks rekeyed, you can consider whether or not you want multiple locks to work for the same key.


Do you need the original key to rekey a lock?

The original key is helpful, but a locksmith can rekey business locks in Washington DC without it. They can do the same when rekeying ignitions.

Are commercial door locks different?

Locks advertised as “commercial grade” are usually more resilient and sometimes harder to pick than other locks. Commercial buildings also tend to have more technologically-advanced locks, like electronic lock systems and smart locks.

How do you get all locks keyed the same?

A locksmith can rekey your locks for you so that every lock works with the same key.

Can a master key open any door?

No key can open any door or solve any lockout. A master key isn’t actually a unique type of key. It only means several locks work with this one key.

Can all locks be rekeyed?

The ability to rekey depends on the locking mechanism. You can rekey all pin tumbler and wafer tumbler locks, as they both use tumblers inside. You can’t rekey warded locks as they use unmoving metal wards.

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