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Whether you are locked out of your car or need new car keys, there are many ways our auto locksmiths can help.

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Auto Locksmith Service

Locks come in many shapes and sizes, but they are always intended to protect valuables. And when it comes to valuables, the most important item to the average citizen is a car. So make sure you call the Washington DC locksmith who is going to keep your vehicle security working properly.

Here at The Key Man Locksmith, we provide every locksmith service you may need to make sure your locks and keys are functioning reliably. Because your car’s security is about more than just protecting against theft. If your security is not working correctly, it will keep you from being able to access your car.

Lockout Services

If you are locked out of your car in DC, the best resource is a car locksmith. No other option can come to your location with the tools it takes to both open the vehicle and fix any of the underlying issues that may have caused the lockout.

You might have AAA, but most of those memberships will cover the locksmith cost. A Washington DC car locksmith is going to be more professional and can open more secure vehicles. For example, when you’ve locked your keys in your trunk and the vehicle has deadlocked, you need a real car locksmith, not a general roadside assistance technician.

Car Key Services

Another common Washington DC auto locksmith service is assisting with new keys. There is the general car key replacement, which encompasses the variety of services it takes to fully replace a car key. What are these other services you ask? The most simple is car key duplication, which uses an existing key for car key cutting and even further programming protocols.

Car key cutting uses an existing key or code to derive the car key pattern. In this case, “code” refers to the “car key code.” This code corresponds to your VIN (vehicle identification number) and will give the information needed to make a key for your factory-issued ignition cylinder/door locks.

Key Programming Services

For newer car keys, programming services are a must. In the case of a modern push-to-start keyless ignition system, programming is the only thing you need. Key fob replacement requires a programmable remote and a way to interface with the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics port.

There are certain car models and manufacturers that do everything they can to limit access to unprogrammed key fobs and programming equipment. But if it is possible to get one, a Washington DC car locksmith will charge less than the dealership.

But it is not just remotes and key fobs that need programming. If you have a transponder key (visually distinguished by the plastic cover over the bow of the key), it will need to be cut and programmed. Be aware that transponder key programming can have the same limiting factors as programming key fobs.

Ignition Services

You need your car to start. That means having a working ignition. This is easier said than done. And sometimes the doing requires ignition cylinder replacement, which is the full or particle changing of the portion of the steering column that your key interacts with.

Besides the mechanical end of the ignition, there is also the electronic component. When broken, this electronic part of the ignition may benefit from ignition switch replacement. This is often something you would take to a mechanic, but a Washington DC car locksmith can come to you for this service.

In some cases, you might also benefit from our ignition rekey service, especially if you have replaced the cylinder. This service allows you to change which key starts the vehicle. So you can return a new ignition to work with the old key, which still opens the doors.

Additional Services

Many auto locksmith services stack up. For example, you might need a new car key because your old one broke off in the lock, which then might have also left you locked out of the vehicle. But on top of those services, you need car key extraction.

Furthermore, why did your car key break? Perhaps it has to do with a malfunctioning lock. In that case, an experienced Washington DC car locksmith will let you know that this problem is likely to recur. The solution to this issue will be car door lock repair, to keep you from having to over-torque your keys to get them to work.


How long does it take a car locksmith to come to me?

When you call a car locksmith in Washington DC, the arrival time will depend on the time of day and the locksmith’s proximity to your location. But when you call the Key Man Locksmith, rest assured that we will be faster than the competition, with an average arrival time of 20 minutes.

Can a car locksmith open any type of vehicle?

With a little training, most people can open a car in a matter of seconds. But a car locksmith in Washington DC will have the skills required to open more secure vehicles and solve problems where the lockout is caused by a broken lock, stuck key, etc.

Do car locksmiths make new car keys?

As long as you contact a properly equipped professional Washington DC car locksmith service, they will be able to give you a new car key. This process will be faster and cheaper if you have a spare that can be copied, but a locksmith can make a new car key without a spare.

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