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Smart Lock Installation Service

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to open your door without fumbling for keys every time? The truth is, we have the technology to bypass that part of security. This technology allows you to lock and unlock your door through encrypted digital codes instead of a physical key, much like your car’s transponder key.

Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular lock installations for homes around the country. People all over the Washington DC area are upgrading their traditional locks to smart ones for safety and convenience.

At Key Man Locksmith, we have professional locksmiths that can upgrade your lock technology for you. Don’t try making the complicated door adjustments yourself. Instead, call a locksmith in Washington DC.

You don’t need to deal with old lock designs that are slowly becoming obsolete. Make your house a home with easy and convenient security in the front through the use of this innovative new technology.

DC Smart Lock Installation Advantages

Why use Washington DC smart lock installation service in the first place? What advantages does this kind of lock change have over other types of locks?

Some smart locks can unlock doors as you approach them, like many modern car locks. You don’t even need to pull out your phone. You only need to have it in your pocket. This wireless connection makes entering your home much more convenient.

With a smart lock, you don’t need to keep track of keys. You probably already bring your phone everywhere, and it’s all you need to have on your person before exiting the house.

Smart locks also make giving other people keys much simpler. You don’t need to have a hoard of duplicates ready. Just send their devices the encryption code, and they can enter and exit as they please.

Going keyless also means you’ll never need a lock rekey or worry about broken key extraction.

Digital encryption also offers a different type of security than physical locks. It changes the game when it comes to attempts to bypass them, meaning if there is no override key, criminals can’t pick the lock at all.

Washington DC Smart Lock Installation Options

The term “smart lock” actually refers to a variety of locks. You have different options when choosing which smart lock is perfect for your home in Washington DC.

You can have your wireless connection be the only way to unlock your home, or your smart lock can operate off of a keypad like many commercial safes. You can even use a biometric protocol, like fingerprints or iris scanners.

You can go keyless or get a smart lock installed with an override key for extra safety at the cost of some security.

Some of these locks allow you to send digital keys to other devices. So certain third parties can lock and unlock your door with permission.

You can even have other smart devices and security added to your home. These locks go great with smart doorbells. You might even want to install a few cameras here and there and advanced window locks.

The Process For DC Smart Lock Installation

The installation process varies depending on what type of smart lock you’re getting in your Washington DC home.

First, the locksmith checks how compatible the new lock is with the door and current lock. If the current lock is incompatible, the locksmith will remove it and install a compatible one.

The locksmith will then determine if any adjustments are necessary before installing the smart lock in Washington DC. The locksmith then finishes these adjustments and mounts the smart lock.

After that, a Washington DC locksmith will make sure the electronics are working well. The batteries will get plugged in, and they’ll test the motor.

The smart lock will have to sync up with the homeowner’s wifi and phone. The homeowner will usually have to install an app corresponding to whatever smart lock device they own.

After that, the lock will get tested one more time, and everything should be complete.


Do smart locks need power?

Smart locks need power, usually provided by a set of batteries. This means they’ll still work in a power outage. But you still need to change the batteries occasionally, or else you’ll get locked out of your home or locked out of your business.

What is the difference between a smart lock and an electronic lock?

A smart lock is a type of electronic lock. These locks are unlocked with remote devices, like smartphones, working a bit like car key fobs. Other electronic locks include keypad locks, fingerprint scanners, and magnetic locks. These tend to be more common in commercial lock installations.

What happens to a smart lock when the power goes out?

Most of these locks operate by battery, so yours should still work in a power outage.

What are the disadvantages of using electronic locks?

You need to pay for batteries, be wary of battery changes, and install this more complex device. You also need to rely on an electronic system, which can fail in a power outage or if batteries run out. For help understanding this commitment, use a Washington DC smart lock installation service.

Why are electronic locks good? 

Electronic locks are much easier and more convenient to operate than typical locks, making them a fantastic choice for your home. They are also often unpickable (although they still have bypasses).

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