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Protect your deliveries and printed correspondence with a professional residential mailbox change from the Key Man Locksmith.

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Residential Mailbox Lock Change Service

If you’ve just moved into a new place, you might need a few changes to your mailbox’s lock. Someone who used to live there might still have the old mailbox key.

You might also need a lock change. Maybe your current lock isn’t working as efficiently and has locked you out of your home, or perhaps you just want a new one put in its place.

Whatever your reason for needing a residential mailbox lock change, you can rely on Key Man Locksmith to do the job right. Our technicians are ready to help you, armed with the lock expertise and ability to perform a variety of locksmith services to change your lock. Call us today and have new mailbox locks in no time.

Nobody should be able to tamper with your mail. Receive a residential mailbox change in Washington DC, and get your mailbox locks taken care of as soon as possible.

How To Know You Need A Residential Mailbox Change Soon

You might be unsure whether or not you need a Washington DC residential mailbox change service. Fortunately, there are a few ways to tell that your mailbox could benefit from a change or that your lock will break soon.

If you’ve recently moved into a new place, know that one of the old tenants might still have a mailbox key. They may have also given a key to some third party you’ll never meet. Have your mailbox locks rekeyed like all other locks.

If your mailbox lock isn’t operating as smoothly as before, you could benefit from a lock repair. Any lock problem will likely only get worse until you call a locksmith. Mailbox locks in Washington DC age like everything else. Sometimes they need to be switched out.

Residential Mailbox Change Options

Most mailbox locks are roughly the same, so you don’t have a wide variety of choices to worry about when getting a residential mailbox change in Washington DC. You don’t get to choose a smart lock, electronic lock, or anything like that. You mainly have one choice – do you want a typical mailbox lock or a padlock?

Most mailbox locks in Washington DC are typical pin tumbler locks, like the ones you find on your front door. These are secure and well-proven designs built into your mailbox door. Pin tumbler locks only work with one key and can only be cracked by a skilled lockpicker, making them the most popular lock design in the world.

If you opt for a padlock, you can get a pin tumbler padlock installed on your Washington DC mailbox or go for something else. For example, you can get a combination padlock, where you don’t need a key and only need to memorize a code. These are bypassed in different ways and can’t be picked, making them appealing to some people.

The Process Of Residential Mailbox Changes

The process our locksmiths employ to change your residential Washington DC mailbox is simple, much like it is with commercial mailboxes.

First, the locksmith must determine whether you need a lock replacement or if they can simply fix whatever problem you’re having with the mailbox lock. Your issue might end up being something small and easy to handle, like a broken key extraction.

If the locksmith goes through with a lock change, they’ll start by unlocking the mailbox and finding the part that allows them to remove the lock after inserting the correct key. The locksmith will drill the mailbox open if the original key is unavailable. Don’t worry – this only damages the original lock and not the mailbox.

Once the old lock is off, they will screw in the new one. The overall process is much easier than most other lock changes.


How can I unlock my mailbox without a key? 

If you don’t have your mailbox key, a locksmith can come to rekey your mailbox lock or even drill the lock open and replace it with something new.

How do you fix a broken mailbox lock?

If your  mailbox lock isn’t working anymore, one of our locksmiths can take a look and figure out the problem. You might need a Washington DC residential mailbox lock replacement service, or the problem could be something simple.

What is the most secure locking mailbox?

There aren’t a large number of mailbox types on the market, and most of them simply use secure pin tumbler locks. If you’re worried about an insecure mailbox, move it close to your house or business and implement other security measures nearby, like cameras and sensors.

How do you change a mailbox lock?

The mailbox lock-changing process varies depending on what lock is getting changed. Each has its method of removal and lock installation, and a locksmith knows each of them, from front doors to car doors to a commercial lock installation.

How do I change my mailbox?

You might need to notify USPS first, depending on whether or not you own your mailbox. They may be able to change out your mailbox for you. You can also call a locksmith if you only need a mailbox lock change.

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