Smart Locks: How To Choose Which One Is Right For You

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Have you ever wondered if your locks are outdated?

Lock technology is innovating all the time, after all. It has to if it wants to keep up with criminals, who are also innovating their techniques constantly. It also has to keep up with consumers and their needs. Some day, eventually, your locks are going to be behind the curve.

Why not upgrade to smart locks? Smart locks are an innovative and still relatively new technology that changes how your security works.

What are smart locks?

Smart locks are named similarly to smartphones due to their shared ability to transmit data. Smart locks don’t typically use keys, instead opting for encrypted data. Many still have keyed systems you can take advantage of if the electronics fail. But you’re usually not going to need to keep track of a set of keys.

Encrypted data is cracked differently than traditional locks, changing how the lock keeps your DC home or business safe. It’s also much more convenient to never need a physical key.

Adapted smart locks vs. Native smart locks

When choosing a smart lock, you can go for adapted or native.

Adapted smart locks are attached to your existing locks. These are much easier to install. They don’t require much drilling and adjustments on the part of the locksmith service. However, not every smart lock works with every pre-existing lock, and you need to check for compatibility.

Native smart locks are locks that were designed entirely to be smart. Installing a new lock that’s a native smart lock requires removing the previous lock altogether.

Knobs vs. Deadbolts

Do you want to get your doorknob or deadbolt replaced with a smart lock? Most smart locks are designed specifically with deadbolts in mind. But you might want to consider replacing your doorknob lock as well. Doorknob locks are often slightly different from deadbolt locks. Replacing your entire system with a smart lock may be a good idea.

Lock choices

When it comes to the lock itself, you have several electronic lock options.

Many smart locks lock and unlock with only a cellphone, being completely keyless. On the other hand, some have keyed override systems where you can still use a traditional key. Some have keypads and combinations you need to memorize to override the smart lock.

Some need you to open an app to unlock the door, while others work remotely. The remote ones only need to sense the phone in your pocket to unlock the door.

Protocol choices

The protocol is the wireless system your smart lock uses to operate. These systems come in three varieties – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave.

Bluetooth smart locks don’t use as much battery as the other types, but they need a relatively short range to unlock your door.

Wi-Fi locks connect to your DC home’s Wi-Fi and can be controlled by you as long as you have internet.

Z-Wave locks use a Z-Wave hub to connect to your DC home’s Wi-Fi instead of doing it directly. You need a separate device for these.

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