6 Steps For Preventing Burglaries

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Burglary is an ever-evolving crime. Burglars are essentially in an arms race with homeowners, each side trying to constantly stay technologically caught up with the other. It can be hard to know what you need to do to stop burglars from targeting your home.

In general, though, burglars go for whatever house is easiest to deal with. The trick isn’t to be the hardest house in the world to break into, you just need to be better than your neighbors. And that usually means putting in a few extra security features. Here are things you can do to dissuade burglars.

1. Remove Hiding Spots

Burglars usually need a hiding spot before breaking into a house. Otherwise, they risk being spotted by neighbors. These hiding spots include bushes, unlit porches, and anything that reduces visibility.

If you take these spots out, you’re less likely to be the target of a burglary. They might just move on to a house that’s easier for them to hide at.

2. Install Motion-Sensitive Lights

Speaking of visibility, another way to stop burglars from hiding is by installing motion sensors. These will hit a burglar with what’s essentially a spotlight after they approach your house, which will make them think twice before proceeding. After all, they don’t want to alert anyone nearby or even asleep in the house.

3. Get A Light Timer

As you can imagine, burglars try to strike when no one’s home for obvious reasons. That means that they have to determine from the outside whether or not there’s anyone inside. One way they do this is through lights and sounds.

You can buy timers that will intermittently turn on and off the lights, televisions, and radios in your house to create the illusion of activity. A burglar isn’t going to touch a house if they hear voices inside.

4. Install An Anti-Kick Door Jamb

No matter how advanced your locks are, they’re not going to do anything if a burglar can just kick down your door. Door kicks are a very common mode of entry for burglars, so a device that can stop the door from being broken is important.

Imagine a burglar’s surprise when they put their foot down hard on your door and nothing happens. They’ve now probably alerted someone with the sound and will flee as soon as possible.

5. Get A Security System

There are all kinds of high-tech security systems that you can find on the market. You can go for security cameras, alarms, or whatever else fits your budget. You’ll want to get something that’s hard to disable. Although, disabling a security system takes time, and just the existence of one is usually enough to make burglars move on to a house that doesn’t have one.

6. Upgrade Your Locks

Finally, get solid high-tech locks that are hard for burglars to crack. It doesn’t matter how hard your door is to kick down if the burglar can just get past your lock easily. You have many options for lock upgrades. You can get an electronic lock or smart lock, or go for something pick proof or get a high-grade lock.

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