5 Potential Problems With Your Broken Key Fob

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There is nothing more annoying than walking up to your vehicle while hitting the unlock button on your key fob, and nothing happens. What’s wrong? Did I forget to hit it? Is my car dead? 

Every bad thought starts entering your mind, and now you have a major inconvenience on your hands. Luckily, the Key Man Locksmith in Washington DC is here to help! Our professional technicians are equipped to offer assistance in every possible way. 

Perhaps you need a key fob replacement right away because you’re in a hurry to get to work. Key Man can deploy a mobile locksmith anywhere in the greater Washington DC area within minutes! From there, you can choose from a long list of locksmith services that are suitable to your situation.

Broken key fobs are common problems we handle on a daily basis. The Key Man in Washington DC can accurately diagnose the issue and make necessary fixes on-site.

We’re just a phone call away and will come straight to your location when you contact Key Man today! Upon arrival, we can immediately begin diagnosing which one of the five most common problems with the broken key fob you are dealing with.

1. Dead Battery

When your car key fob has dead batteries, there’s a very good chance nothing is going to work. The doors won’t unlock when you press the button because there’s no electricity to create the signal.

You can try to change the battery yourself, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, the Key Man in Washington DC will send someone out at your earliest convenience.

2. Worn Buttons

Car key fobs get worn out after extended use. After pressing down on the buttons for a few years, they start to deteriorate, and you may start to notice some malfunctions. Once your key fob starts showing problems consistently, it’s usually a telling sign that you need a replacement.

Visible damage will also give you a good idea that it’s time you reach out to the Key Man in Washington DC for a thorough key fob replacement.

3. Broken Car Door Lock

Sometimes the issue has nothing to do with the key fob, and the real problem is the door. The Key Man’s Washington DC team of locksmiths will use every part of their skill set to figure out the problem and perform the appropriate repairs.

The correct repair could include a complete car door lock repair process or a minor fix that can be solved with one adjustment.

4. Deprogramming

Deprogramming is similar to a dead key fob battery. It is when the signal between the fob and your car doesn’t link up. The source of the issue can be hard to pinpoint, but the locksmiths at Key Man in Washington DC are experienced enough to troubleshoot the situation.

There’s a possibility you may need transponder key programming to fix the issue.

5. Electrical Wiring Issues

Parts of your vehicle’s electrical wiring also pose a potential problem with your broken key fob. Any detachments or breaks in the door panel or elsewhere are significant obstacles.

Having a professional take a look is probably your best option in order to make sure no further damage is done. The last thing you want is an additional cost tacked on.

In Closing

The Key Man in Washington DC takes a deliberate approach to address every problem with your broken key fob. Dead batteries, worn buttons, and electrical issues with your vehicle are all under the purview of our auto locksmiths. Nobody shows up faster to assist your needs and get you back on the road than the Key Man in Washington DC!

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